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What is great about Handcrafted Homes, Inc.:

  • Meticulous attention to detail by all involved, not just Judy and Randy.
  • Their standards of quality.
  • Involving homeowner in all aspects of decisions and not only taking the time that takes but engaging in that effort (vent hood, back splash tile, granite around fireplace).
  • What HCH expects from their subs…and they deliver and work under that scenario. Held to very high standards.
  • Judy’s ability to say no to customer on their design idea but yet be open to ideas that were not her own.
  • Judy staying the course and not giving in when we could not reach a decision due to cost etc., and being willing to keep going back to the drawing board when it took more of her time. Not compromising just to get it done.
  • The desire to take care of other things not related to the construction while on the job, i.e., doors, leaky faucet, windows.
  • How they react to an issue (concrete dust, recirculation pump, dishwasher warranty, etc.)
  • Watching our money.
  • Being willing to allow us to procure items of interest to us.
  • Handling my many emails on Monday (with patience).





Handcrafted Homes…from Randy and Judy to all the great superintendents to all the ‘guys’…were fabulous. I was sorry to see my renovation come to an end! Bet you don’t hear that often!





Handcrafted Homes did a terrific job renovating my kitchen last year. During the design process, Judy Mozen listened carefully to what I wanted in the new kitchen and worked carefully to create a design that fits well with the rustic interiors elsewhere in my house. Judy met with me frequently as the kitchen was being renovated and did not force me to make too many decisions at one time. The new kitchen is beautiful, functions well, and includes many design features I never would have imagined on my own.

Team members did a good job of cleaning up at the end of the day, keeping my house livable throughout the course of the project. Judy was careful to explain special needs at my house to subcontractors and got them to correct any mistakes they made at no additional cost to me. Handcrafted Homes created clear and detailed financial records and provided explanations and change order forms whenever changes were needed that would cause the budget to exceed orginal estimates.

Judy Mozen is very active in the community, particularly on issues that benefit the building community and ther customers. While working on my kitchen for example, she spoke with government officials inthe City of Atlanta about changes in the inspection process that would reduce costs and delays for homeowners who are renovating their homes. Judy also serves on the board of trustees of the Atlanta Technical College Foundation.

The owners and staff of Handcrafted Homes are knowledgeable and trustworthy. I have recommended the company to several friends considering renovations and would choose Judy as my contractor if I decide to initiate another project.





Not only are Judy and Randy the finest contractors I have ever dealt with, they have outstanding supervisors and sub-contractors! They ALL are extremely honest and sincere. They are very straightforward in addressing any issues at hand and very resourceful in finding the solution. They also are exceptionally respectful of the homeowner and the timeline of the job and the budget. They are superior in every way we can think of! I recommend them highly and we would never use anyone else. They are the best!





I have learned from experience that one of the most important indicators of a good builder is if they have clients that would work with them again. I can say that there are no other builders I would ever want to hire. Randy and Judy are some of the most honest and talented people I have ever worked with. They insist on having scheduled meetings to go over questions and keep the client updated. In our experience, cost over-runs were due to our changes and they always let us know what the expected effect of the changes would be. They provided us with timely billings and included all the original invoices so we could see exactly what we were paying for.

Judy is a visionary. She has immense talent in envisioning a project and constantly comes up with improvements. She designed our extensive remodel and came up with plans that far surpassed what paid architects drew. I was continually amazed by her creativity.

Without a doubt, Randy and Judy are some of the most honest, reliable people I have ever met. After the job was completed, they always followed up on any open items or concerns we had. They did everything they said they would do and after the job was completed, still responded to our calls as they did when they were on the job site.





I can highly recommend Judy Mozen and Randy Urquhart of Handcrafted Homes.

Judy Mozen pays attention to every detail of a job, and I found her standards to be as high as, or higher than, my own. Both Judy and Randy made every concern I had their own. Unlike other contractors I’ve dealt with, they did not minimize any of my concerns or try to avoid them in any way. As a result, I developed a high level of trust in this team which is a big plus when undertaking any construction project.

Judy was also extremely helpful with design decisions, and I never felt the need for an independent designer. Randy provided exceedingly detailed analyses of costs so I could see what I was paying for. He was also skilled at handling prompt follow up on pending issues. Furthermore, he always maintained his calm, unflappable personality even during the most stressful situations.

Much to my surprise, since I had assumed no contractor completes the job when they say they will, Handcrafted Homes finished my bathroom remodel the week it was scheduled to be completed! I was so pleased with this team that I expanded my renovations to other areas of my house.




Dear Randy, Judy and Rick,

Thank you all so much for your time, energy and expertise this year in helping us fix our house.
We are forever grateful. May you have a joyful holiday season and great start to 2012!




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