Contemporary Kitchen


Our clients live in a home that was designed and built by Handcrafted Homes, Inc. It was considered contemporary and unique at the time, but the rustic, all-wood style kitchen was no longer a modern look for the 21st Century. We were asked to reinvent the space into a clean, updated, contemporary kitchen.



Updated Flooring

Their first request was for us to do something about the scratched kitchen and breakfast room floor. Our clients had large dogs and needed more durable flooring to withstand the wear and tear. Also, the floor needed to have a clean look while blending in with the remaining oak floor in the dining room.

Create Space

The second request was to have more space between the cooktop and island, as well as between the refrigerator and island – without moving the walls.  Everything had to remain within the same confines.

 Open Up

Opening up the kitchen to the living room and the rest of the home was the third request made of us. Our clients did not want to walk around the house to go from the living room to the kitchen and vice-versa. 


Finally, the last request, and one of major concern to our clients, was the desire for a comfortable space to relax, a space that would function as a family room. They no longer wanted to retire to the media room on the lower level; they also did not want a TV in the living room. 


Handcrafted Homes, Inc. won a 2008 NARI Atlanta CotY in the category “Residential Kitchen Over $100,000” for this project.