The homeowner’s review following this remodel.


In this remodel of an existing family room, we were able to provide creative solutions to provide a better view from this lakeside home, while also correcting the structural deficiencies of the home.

The original family room was poorly designed. Perhaps the plan was a “stock” plan, as the room certainly was not designed for an expansive view of the lake. We changed the roof line to provide a much better view, while also remaining within the original footprint of the room and the home.

Finally, we updated the room’s aesthetics with a pleasing modern style. We created a simple and clean look that featured the view of the lake and the strikingly unique fireplace. The effect is stunning. Sometimes less is more, and that is certainly true with this room.



The home had some serious structural issues. The original floor and ceiling sagged due to inadequate lumber sizing and species selection. With the services of a professional engineer, we built a new roof design, and provided proper structural support to the flooring.

While we were renovating, the family was still occupying the home. Our biggest concerns were safety, guarding the home from the elements once we removed the roof, and trying not to get in the homeowners’ way! We’re happy to say that all of our concerns were alleviated, and our clients were thrilled with our work.


2017 – Greater Atlanta Home Builder’s Association OBIE Award – Best Specialty Room